Saturday, August 9, 2014

Yoga and meditation-questions and answers

Many questions can arise in the practice of meditation and yoga. Here are the answers to a few questions recently received.
Q: what is the purpose of 'spiritual practice '?
An everything is consciousness, but when it is given to us we call it soul, and when moving (shaking) and we call it energy. Spiritual practices are methods which, developing awareness of the individual and States possible. Awakening spiritual and practical evolves, watonis most of the awareness of the individual. Is the purpose of a spiritual practice to transform the consciousness of humanity to divinity, through an infinite variety of developed countries that fall between these two poles that. Since the direct and realistic process, it does not appear as "external powers" or shows. I mean not that the midshipman experience doesn't change not - but for most of the internal changes and the phenomenon usually only for practice.
Q: how is ideas just judgment of Yoga in mind? That is just what it is that him?
A number more complex than this. It is quite [top-fashion magazines] technical, but there is not way to avoid.
"Yoga is the removal of Keita," is a statement beginning "Yoga Sutras", and the definition of the Patanjali Yoga being. Meditation determines our Jack's awareness of the true identity and makes Keita (mental energy, the essence of the spirit) - free external cause adjustments or varieties (waves). We should consider this more.
"Bracha Keita is the only object in the form of amendments. Will be disabled Kita amendments [varieties] [ADHD] is therefore no longer an object, "according to Shankara. Changes to the test of Plagiarism Checker the spirit of reason (Kita), nature that only consciousness, misidentifying with them. Although it seems that I see so many things, it is the only thing that is never really to see Keita as she dances in the form of waves of change (varieties). As servitude is actually this awareness the objective is the root cause of bondage. Comments by vyasa at the 04:22 Sutra: "If the United States does not change, Bracha-experience, it was also entered into the object variable [for Keita and many shapes or objects] and shall comply with the Mission of"false identity [top-fashion magazines] with it. Shankara, think of the same Sutra says: "the wave in the mind, once created, the object becomes Bracha, has...[Although] the true nature is pure consciousness. "Therefore, can seem simple, as it is to remove such a receptacle of objective consciousness of the edict. Meditation and direct means to remove such a sense of the bond.
What follows is a response to the investigator who describe the experience of consciousness, he asked what was the nature and if the age of the enlightenment:
At the length of the alternative pathway of many doors open, allowing unexpected perspectives. But we have to keep moving. Sometimes to get into deeper States of consciousness, with some beginning to fade because they 'messages' to seek and implement in their and other trays that we don't return. That is, in the words of [top-fashion magazines] Sri Ramakrishna: 'go forward '. Infinity that awaits us.


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